Poncho and Carmen have a very complex friendship. They got off to a rocky start, due to Carmen's love of cats, and coming in between Poncho and Chazz. In recent years, they appear to be doing better.


Meeting each other

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Poncho and Carmen meet for the first time.

Poncho was initially confused when Chazz said that he met a girl. After finding out what he meant, Poncho soon began to resent Carmen. When Chazz brought her home to meet Poncho, he was rude and made her feel uncomfortable,and attempted to drop a water ballon on her.

Chazz decided to host a picnic, in the hope that Poncho would warm up to Carmen. However, he forgot to bring cocktail weenies for Poncho, and all Carmen brought was coleslaw with raisins. At one point, she dribbled bean sauce, and Poncho leapt up to lick it off her face. As he was talking about to Chazz, he mentioned that he tasted something else mixed in. Chazz dismissed, believing it was due to Poncho's hatred of Carmen.

She then took the duo back to her house for lemonade, where Poncho discovered the cats. He panicked, and dragged Chazz out the door, although the couple kissed publicly, much to Poncho's displeasure.

Poncho and Carmen did not meet again until after she and Chazz were married. During the initial move-in, the two continued to display their previous stances; Carmen attempted to placate Poncho, while remaining nervous, and Poncho was increasingly hostile.