The Poncho Cast Clone was a cast from Chazz's. Poncho used marker to make it look like him.


Chazz was making dinner, when his appendix burst. Poncho immediately called 911 and stood by as ambulance medics loaded Chazz onboard.

After Chazz got out off the hospital, Poncho accidentally caused repeated injuries, including breaking Chazz's foot. To make up for it, Poncho decided to give Chazz Advil and vitamins, but ended up feeding him a whole jar's worth of Sleeping Pills.

Because of this, the other dogs gradually became afraid of him. Puddles, a guard dog for the junkyard, found himself needing a replacement, and called Poncho.

Afraid, Poncho called in his skunk friend Stinky, and after both surviving a long night, Stinky sprayed Poncho.